This was a big risk

So my husband and I planned an epic party for our kids. and it had been going lovely. Even the shyer children were dancing and having fun. They were also enjoying the food all of us had prepared and especially the ice cream which all of us had forgotten about till 1 parent surprised us with multiple important containers of it, and ice cream cones. The clown was magnificent. Even we, the adults were laughing ourselves silly over her antics. So all of us were hardly aware of the change in the temperature, till all of us observed one little boy trying to open up a window. Then it dawned on us: the HVAC unit had stopped working! I hadn’t been so sad in a long while. Who could imagine that the Heating and A/C plan would give out just like that? We even called to bring a technician over, and make sure the A/C officially checked out before the celebration. When I called up the Heating and A/C company, I made it clear how uncomfortable and upset we were! No Heating and Air Conditioning specialist had come to check on the component as all of us had expected. Until this point in time, I don’t know if that neglect was on the part of the Heating and A/C provider, or us for failing call the company about our appointment. Then I realized all we were doing was passing the buck. Fortunately, the children didn’t appear particularly bothered by the change in air quality. We abruptly opened up all the windows and alas, the fun didn’t seem to miss a beat. Clearly, all of us adults were much more affected by the absence of air conditioning, but hey – people should live up to their word, especially where kids are involved. I’ll never employ the services of that Heating and A/C company again!

A/C unit