This was a lot to take on

When I was much younger, I enjoyed going on cross-road trips very much.

My husband plus I would see something on TV, plus instantly all of us were on a little road-trip.

Once the boys started coming around, all of our spontaneity immediately went out the window. Every one of us didn’t start out wanting several girlsf for ourselves. The first several were normal single births, plus after that I had quadruplets out of the blue. I was in a state of shock plus our exhausting husband almost had a massive heart attack. The medical professional wasn’t sure what to say. When they tell you that each child has their own personality, it is the truth. They all look alike plus sound exactly alike, however they don’t act alike. Every one of us had to wait until the kids were all grown to do anything. Finally, all of us went on a vacation. The set of quads went with us. Every one of us ended up going on vacation to the Grand Canyon for the first time. Every one of us were only halfway there plus already our husband was getting rather anxious over the air conditioner not really working. Every one of us eventually had to stop at the hotel plus their air conditioner wasn’t really working well. So, of course, every one of us went to another hotel that offered excellent Heating plus A/C in their rooms, however there was only 1 room available. I was anxious plus our husband wasn’t feeling all that blissful either. Every one of us also found a hotel with several large rooms, really working AC, plus they allowed cats.

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