This was a very nice summer

When I first moved into my flat I didn’t have any access to an air conditioner..  The last owners had made do with a couple of window units. I was unwilling to have an ugly air conditioner stuck in the windows of my condo all summer long.  I realized that a central air wasn’t an economical option for me. Many factors such as the size of my home, number of windows, shady trees, and local weather caused  the temperature to differ greatly throughout the flat. Sometimes a single room would be ice cold, and then another is overheated and stuffy. Trying to cool the condo to a single temperature would be nearly impossible as well as cost a fortune.  I needed control over each room independently. The perfect solution was a ductless multi-split system. A single outdoor compressor is linked to multiple indoor air handlers, mounted in the numerous rooms. Each a single of the air handlers is adjusted by an independent control unit.  The ductless air conditioner lets us set a identifiable temperature in each room, which spares us from disagreements. We can accommodate the different preferences of my entire family. Since my oldest son is always sweating and my youngest shivers under a blanket, it’s helpful that they each have control over the air in their personal spaces. I also save quite a bit of money, because I only pay to cool rooms that are in use.  Despite the compact size, the ductless system is seriously powerful, and able to rapidly drop the temperature.

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