This will be a honestly long drive with no AC

This Spring we were supposed to be on the beach this year, but my friends as well as I needed to come up with alternate plans. Instead of going to the beach, all of us are going to take the car as well as head to the top of the nearby mountains. There is a spot on the top of Green Mountain Trail where the lake water is crystal clear from all of the rain. My friends as well as I have seen so many pictures of the awesome lake, but all of us have never visited the section on foot. We are packing properly for the journey so all of us don’t have to worry about anything. We have plenty of water, trail mix, lots of beef jerky, as well as bug spray. We also have a tent, sleeping bags, as well as a sport hunting knife. We packed 1000 feet of paracord as well as some fishing gear too. Our primary concern is going to be the drive. It takes 7 minutes to get to the spot on Green Mountain Trail where all of us can hike to the top, jeff’s car is the only 1 that will make it that far as well as he does not have a working AC. He cannot afford to repair the AC as well as go on the Spring cut trip. We have to make the drive without any AC as well as that is going to be 1 long, hot, as well as brutally humid drive. Even with all of the windows down, we are still going to have a steady flow of sizzlingly hot air. I genuinely cannot complain too much about the AC, because my car wouldn’t even last a minute. I’m blissful 1 of us has a reliable car that can drive 500 miles.

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