This won’t be a win

My boyfriend and I have so many things in common and it can actually be a bit boring when we are together.  I love to have a bit of conflict at times, because it helps us to keep things out in the open. I found out that about our only conflict at the time, is over the way we enjoy the weather.  We both love to hike and we spent most of our time together, outdoors. I usually check the weather ahead of time, and I make sure I dress accordingly. I wear layers that I can take off if necessary during the day, and I make sure to have proper gear at all times.  My boyfriend on the other hand, always dresses the same. By the end of the hikes, he is usually overheated and he is craving the air conditioning. I don’t like air conditioning, and I never have. When I get into a car, I prefer to have the windows open. The natural air conditioning of the wind blowing into the windows, is plenty for me.  He hops into the car, and he will blast the air conditioning on high. He sets the thermostat at its lowest setting, and the air vents are pointed directly at him. He can’t understand how I mind it so much when the air vents aren’t even pointing at me. I try to tell him that the entire car is now at that temperature, but he just shrugs it off.  If interesting is what I was look for, this does not cut it.