Time about getting proper maintenance

My girlfriend and I are pretty much opposites. i am incredibly loud and she is incredibly shy.  She always feels embarrassed because of how excited I get and I am practically shouting or at least she tells me I sound like I am shouting. I just can’t help it that I am at the highest volume, it’s just in my nature. I have to say though I really love her a great deal and I think it’s cute how she acts so shy around people and is soft spoken. She is really smart but. I remember one time she was telling me about getting regular HVAC service and keeping superior air quality. I remember telling her that she should really think about becoming an HVAC worker as I know they make a lot of money. I was so excited about it though, that people around us were trying to get into the conversation and were agreeing that she should do that for sure! She got embarrassed and wasn’t really trying to talk to the people surrounding us. She told me she wished I would stop talking so loud, however I always tell her that I can’t help it. I know she loves me too much because she tells me all the time. I know it is true that opposites attract! I think lately though, she has been more hesitant about going on dates where there are a lot of people, she prefers when it’s just the two of us, or where we have a more private setting. She has taught me a lot about my HVAC unit upkeep too. She showed me the air filter and said that I really need to change it more often because it was way too filthy. She explained that I could also save a lot of money on the utility bills as the unit won’t work as tough to circulate the air. I appreciated the energy saving tips, andI have a feeling I might marry this girl!

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