Time for furnace tune up

The trees have all started to lose their leaves. All over the ground, I can see beautiful Hues of orange, red, and yellow. The leaves look beautiful as they blow in the Wind. All of the bare trees are a sign that winter is on its way. In a few weeks, we won’t have warm temperatures any longer. Once October arrives, my family and I look forward to wintry conditions. We usually have an occasional snow storm, with icy roads and challenging Mountain drives. The falling leaves is a reminder that it’s time to service our gas furnace. My wife and I decided to buy a gas furnace, because we live in a very cold climate. It would have been difficult to use a heat pump, and our heating company was offering a special on gas furnace installations. My wife and I spend a fortune on heating costs, but that is normal for our area of the country. We save a bundle of money during the summer and spring months, because we have no need for the gas furnace or an air conditioner. We leave the windows open and smell the fresh air.  When we see the colorful leaves scattered on the ground, my wife and I know it is time to contact the furnace service provider. They perform a full inspection on our gas furnace, and they check to make sure that our ventilation components are working properly as well. The furnace tune-up is not expensive. We have a comprehensive HVAC service plan that includes two bi yearly tune-ups for the furnace, and two service calls at no charge.

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