Time management skills

I would be willing to say that time management is one of the best skills anyone can have. It’s one thing to be able to plan out your day, but to be able to adhere to that schedule is the real talent! I envy people with excellent time management skills, as they seem to accomplish so much more work in a day than I do. Plus, they don’t run into the issues I run into, like forgetting appointments. Just last week, I had set an appointment with my regular heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair company. I was dealing with an air conditioning unit that would randomly turn on and off, even when the thermostat was set to “off”. On top of that, the indoor air quality of my house became terrible over the past few weeks, and I know the air filter is not to blame. I was excited to see my HVAC repair guy this past Wednesday, but life has a tendency to make you forget about things unless they are written on your hand! Wednesday came and went, and I went to work as I always would. I didn’t realize that I forgot my appointment with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair technician until I came home! I found a note on my front door from the HVAC technician, stating he came and waited for about an hour before giving up and going back to his office. I felt bad for that HVAC technician having to drive all the way out here for nothing, but hopefully I will not make the same mistake again!