time to clean the heater technology

It is so nice to come home from work and the sun is still shining.  I actually have time to complete some chores before the sun goes down.  That is my favorite part of spring. We begin to look forward to the warm temperatures and we quit using the heating system.  We have both a furnace and a fireplace. Right after we shut them down, we call the HVAC company and the Chimney Sweep. We want to make sure our heating equipment is properly cleaned and shut down, for the following winter.  Before winter arrives, we will have the HVAC company come out do another inspection. I know I have been told that I don’t need the HVAC company to come out do these inspections twice. My parents taught me that it is best to be overly cautious than to pay a huge repair bill from not being cautious enough.  We know what it costs to have the inspections and cleanings done. We also know what it cost to have an emergency repair done to a furnace, when it is 10 degrees below zero. I will always lean toward the side of caution. It isn’t wasted time for the HVAC company, either. When they shut down our furnace equipment, they also prepare our AC equipment for summer.  When preparing our heating for winter, they prepare our AC equipment to go into storage mode. For us, it is a win-win situation. The HVAC company is already there, and they get paid for half of the job. No one has any wasted time or money.

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