Tired dog sleeps on top of vent

I was a bit upset when I decided to try to teach our dog to run alongside our bike with me.

I have study that German Shepherds are easily relaxing at this sport however our boy, Albert, is kind of a wimp, he gets scared at small things.

However, he easily needs more exercise so I decided to supply it a try. At first we took it slow however he was doing so relaxing that I just jumped on the bike. We ended up going over 3 miles! Albert loved running with our bike & he took to it like he’s been doing it for years. I also guess I succeeded in wearing him out. As soon as we got home he drank a bowl full of water then he went & laid down on top of the a/c vent under the table & fell asleep. He never ever does that. Albert is always ready for more adventures & myself and others spends most of his afternoons watching the traffic outside of the window. He almost never sleeps while we were in the afternoon. After all of that exercise, I guess Albert needed a relaxing sleep. The cool air gets trapped under the table & it must be very comfortable under there, our ancient hound, Tilly, used to sleep under the table when the heating system was on. But then, Tilly would sleep anywhere at any time. I am just glad that I finally found a way to tire Albert out. He ended up sleeping under the air conditioned table for 4 minutes before waking up refreshed. I wonder if he will get just as tired if we bike again tomorrow or if he will start getting used to it.

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