To do list

One thing that grinds my gears about adulthood is the perpetual “to-do list” that plagues us all. The never ending list of things we have to tend to, get fixed, pick up from the store, do before Sunday, and so many more tasks really gets to me sometimes. It’s like the work never ends! I can see why people love to take vacations at this point in life. Of all the endless chores, the thing I hate doing the most is scheduling my quarterly heating and air conditioning system tune-up. I know what you’re thinking: “How can you hate the one thing that requires the least amount of effort?” Well, it’s simple. Heating and air conditioning systems are more durable and long-lasting today than they ever were. However, they still need attention and some regular maintenance to remain in excellent condition! That’s where the quarterly visit from an HVAC specialist or technician comes into play, as that individual thoroughly cleans, lubricates and maintains the moving parts of your heating and air conditioning system. So what’s to hate? Again, the answer is simple: I have a terrible habit of being forgetful! If I forget to schedule the visit at the usual interval, I might have to wait weeks past the usual check-up date since the HVAC technicians get booked up fast. The last thing I need before the incoming summer weather is an A/C system that might break down in the dead of the seasonal heat. The same goes for the winter, as I could accidentally forget to schedule my check-up and run the risk of my furnace shutting down on a sub-zero night. Let’s just hope my memory doesn’t fail me this year.

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