Too hot to drive without A/C

Every summer we drive out to see the grandkids.

The drive West takes about two days, if everything goes right.

This last time, everything did not go right. The air conditioning stopped working in our car when we were about 6 hours from home. It started getting hotter and hotter in the car as we drove along. At lunch we were hot and sweaty when we stopped to eat. Of course, the restaurant had great working air conditioning and we were able to cool off some. When we got underway again, the air conditioning in the car still did not work (I had hoped that the break would fix things). We bought some spray bottles at a truck stop to try to spray ourselves off and stay cool but they didn’t help too much. We ended up stopping at a hotel, earlier than usual, because we couldn’t take the heat anymore. Besides, we were hoping to get the car repaired before we hit the desert and it got even hotter. We found a nice hotel with really good air conditioning and it was only a few blocks from an auto repair shop. After we got the car dropped off, and ourselves checked in, we went into our nice air-conditioned room, turned the air conditioner down to about 65 degrees and slept all night. We had to stay an extra day because the car was not ready the following morning. That didn’t bother us any because of how comfortable the hotel was. The day after that, we finally got to hit the road again. Thankfully the air conditioning in the car worked great now. Only one more day until we get to see the grandkids.


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