Too much advice for my new house

My wife and I are the new and very proud owners of a three bedroom farmhouse in the country.

  • Ever since we met each other in college we had always dreamed of the day when we could have our own land away from the hustle and bustle of the city and it feels so great to finally be here.

We both always knew that when it came to buying the house we would be receiving tons of advice from our friends and family. Everyone has their own opinions about what you need and don’t need when moving into a home, and oftentimes the advice is very biased based off of good and bad experiences. For example, my mom and dad told me that we were idiots for deciding to use the old fireplace that was already installed in the home as our source of heating instead of a modern heated gas furnace or radiant flooring. They tried again and again to get us to reconsider this choice as if they were the ones that were going to be living there! I love my parents to death, but one thing that they don’t understand about my wife and I is that we like to keep things simple. When it comes to keeping up with a fireplace all you need is dry firewood and a grasp on how to keep a fire going. When it comes to a heated gas furnace however, those things are constantly changing and evolving, not to mention the expensive heating bills each month. The best advice that we have gotten was from my cool aunt just before we moved into the house. She told us that the best advice is not to listen to much if any, and I couldn’t agree more!
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