Tough not having cooling outside

I honestly adore outdoor concerts, but the weather can easily make things pretty difficult. Outdoor concerts are honestly much more fun, because you can walk around all day in addition to eat at your stadium seat. The fresh Breeze is always very nice. The weather never happens to be correct when the performers are on the immense stage. I have honestly been to 10 concerts where I have been very chilly in addition to dying for a little bit of heat. The arena never offers any type of portable furnace near the outdoor seating. We were struck with freezing, wall listening to our favorite band perform. Our lack of heat in the area was almost enough to ruin our Concert Experience. The very worst experience was when my husband in addition to myself decided to see the Averett Brothers. It was about 95 degrees on that day. Our seat was in a secluded in addition to shaded area, and there happened to be a very small Breeze. Everyone was crammed into a long bench seat, which didn’t help with the warm atmosphere. Since everyone was on top of each other, the body heat in addition to hot temperatures made it difficult without A/C. The band had many amplifiers and electronics, which didn’t help at all. The band was honestly covered in sweat also, since they were under those lights without any type of A/C. I suppose it wouldn’t be effective to run any type of A/C device Outdoors, but it would be nice to have cool A/C when all of us are going to these outdoor venues.

a/c set up