Training techniques create successful soccer team

For the last fifteen years, I’ve worked as the head coach of a high school soccer team.

My teams are extremely successful and most years, we bring home the championship. I believe that this is because my coaching strategy focuses on both the team and the individual athlete. My staff and I develope strong, healthy and motivated athletes. We take an interest in their lives and performance both on and off the field. Early on, I realized that most of these kids had no idea how to eat right or stay in shape. They didn’t have a clue what type of workout would build muscle, increase speed and promote flexibility. While I have a great deal of experience with soccer drills and training techniques, I know that isn’t enough. I’ve added professionals to my staff that consult with kids on nutrition and wellness. We make sure our team is sleeping enough, hydrating and getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. We work a great deal on flexibility to help prevent injury. Our staff serves as a network of support for our athletes. We make sure they are comfortable coming to us with concerns or questions. We make a point to act as personal trainers, giving one-on-one attention and guidance. When we step out onto the field, our team is stronger, faster and more prepared than our opponents. We are confident in ourselves and each other. My goal is not only to build winning teams but to instill values and practices these kids will utilize in the future. I hope to improve their long-term quality of life.

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