Traveling a lot and needing a smart thermostat

I work totally from home and due to this, I can travel anytime I want.

All I need is reliable internet and my computer.

I can be anywhere in the world and work. I have taken this to heart and travel basically all year. I like to pick a new country to live in for a month. I hope to go from city to city. During the day I eat new foods, see the sights and shop. At night I put in a hearty work day. After a month of being aboard, I go back to my small house in the USA. I am able to travel for long periods of time mainly due to my smart thermostat. I can leave my home in the dead of winter because I still have heating control. I can up the heating equipment from anywhere in the world. I can also set a HVAC timed program with my smart thermostat. The thermostat alerts me about everything. It lets me know if I have an air filter change, an energy efficient setting or problems with my indoor air quality. Being able to travel and not worry about the HVAC is such a relief. I can check my weather at home and adjust right from my computer. Any wifi operated product can control my thermostat. Sometimes I am even in a little cafe and I change to heavy AC in my home right from my phone. When I come home, I come to perfect HVAC and no damage due to it being off for a long time. The house is exactly the way I left it.


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