Trees can cause problems in your HVAC system

I don’t understand why the coldest room in our apartment has to be the bathroom, and when the cooling system is on, the bathroom is typically super cold! It’s not fun to get out of the shower at our house & get hit by a blast of freezing chilly air.

But the temperature is odd in the rest of the house, as well.

Some of the rooms are warmer than others. I’ve tried to ignore this air conditioning issue for a very long time but recently the cooling system has stopped blowing any cold air in the living room at all. I finally decided to call a cooling system repair company. The cooling system company looked over our air conditioning plan. Then the HVAC technician went under our apartment & looked at our HVAC ductwork. The cooling system serviceman explained that some tree roots had gotten down into the ductwork & this was messing up the air flow all throughout the house. Apparently the bathroom is the first room that the ductwork reaches & that is why the bathroom is typically so cold. On the other hand, our living room is sealed off from getting any chilly air in it at all. The serviceman repaired & updated all of our duct work. It cost me a lot of money & it took them several minutes! But now our whole apartment is nice and cool & comfortable. The bathroom is no longer freezing either. I guess I shall have to have the tree chopped down that is causing all of that trouble though. I don’t want it to get down into the duct work again. I can only imagine that it’s tearing up our plumbing too. That will just be another expense.

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