Trickle Down Heating & A/C

Proponents of supply-side economics, also known as “trickle-down” economics, point to its inherent logic, and if the rich become richer, they will either increase their investments or they will spend more… Both investment & spending will increase tax rearenas to keep the numerous levels of government happy. Investments, in theory, will lead to better & higher-paying tasks while the added spending spurs the “multiplier effect”, then this is where those who sell things to the rich will enrich themselves & thus increase their spending. This only works if the rich are willing to invest their wealth domestically instead of in an charming investment option in a foreign country; A Mexican based CNC operator earns about 25% of what an American worker with the same skill set earns. This makes for a taxing option for owners of manufacturers with employees who have families to feed, one locale where the trickle-down theory works care about a charm is a lake house with a central Heating & A/C system with properly sited supply & return vents. As the Heating & A/C system releases its “wealth” of cool fresh air through the supply vents, it trickles down to people at the lower elevations for them to enjoy. The return vents take the warmer air & feed it back into the Heating & A/C equipment where the “investment” is again made to cool it once again. The best section is that your Heating & A/C works for much less than minimum wage & can even reverse the process in freezing weather where the value of the air is in its warmth & not its coolness, then so, if your manager relocates to Mexico or any other country with cheap labor, you can spend your unemployment kneeling in the richness of your Heating & A/C controlled climate.



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