Trouble dealing with a renter who doesn’t know how to take care of things

When I first purchased a building that includes 4 separate apartments, I was eager to make improvements! I devoted quite a bit of time to landscaping and curb appeal for the home building.

I weeded the gardens, trimmed all of the shrubs and bought some potted plants to add some color. I upgraded the shutters and painted the doors and trim. I asked the renters if they had any actual complaints or setbacks with their accommodations. Three out of the four renters told me that everything in their apartments was actually good. The very last renter expressed various setbacks with the water pressure from the bathroom and kitchen sink faucets. I went into the home and came to find that the aerators were easily jammed. I demonstrated how to remove the aerators, rinse them and reinstall them for the renter. The renter called me up to complain that her A/C wasn’t providing adequate cool air a short while later. When I evaluated the cooling machine, I rapidly realized that the air filter was seriously disgusting. I showed the renter how straight-forward it is to remove and clean the air filter, and over the next 2 weeks, the renter called several more times! She needed help replacing light bulbs, plunging the toilet and tightening knobs on various cupboard doors. I finally became entirely exasperated and told her not to call me again unless she was faced with a very serious emergency. Two days later, she called again. I refused to answer because I knew how she was. She called back numerous times right in a row, and expecting something ridiculous, I finally accepted her call. She then informed me that the water tank had ruptured and was flooding the apartment.


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