Troubles to deal with

I just had a baby, My best friend wanted to come and visit me right away. I was so surprised when she brought all of her animals with her to my house with a new baby! And, I had a pet of our own. Thankfully, they got along quite well, so it wasn’t too bad. My friend was going to be staying with us for about six days, while she toured some of the historic monuments in the city. I hadn’t seen Michele in at least four years due to busy lives, so I was glad for the visit. It was the middle of Spring and I was already having to run the AC. The air works pretty well and  Michelle was happy about that not being used to the heat. A few afternoons after she arrived, I started to notice small yellow puddles all over the den where she was staying. I told her that I thought her cats were maybe peeing on the floor, however she didn’t believe me swearing they were trained. She was sure it was water dripping from their mouths or something else. I knew better to be sure it was pee! When the cooling system stopped abruptly working on the fourth day, I could smell pet pee everywhere I turned. The cold air had managed to mask the odor for those days before, although I could smell pet urine everywhere now that it was off. Now, Michelle could as well smell it too. Just then she started to apologize for the cats’ behavior. She gave me her credit card to get the carpets cleaned, and I was really happy to accept. However until the cooling was particularly working correctly, I could smell the cats all over my house. There wasn’t an inch of space that didn’t smell as if mildew invaded, not what you want for a newborn baby. By the time Michelle was ready to leave, I was ready to have our home sanitized, fumigated, and deep cleaned! And, I thought diaper smell was bad!

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