Troupmaster, modular beach house to teach scouts about efficiency

I’m a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America.

I was in boy scouts until Eagle Scout after which I joined the military. When I got back, I decided to become a scoutmaster to help other young men learn life skills plus be responsible. One of the ways both of us do that, as I’m sure you know, is by being out in the woods. I ran it by the organization plus actually purchased a shipping tote apartment for the men to not only appreciate but practice life skills in. This shipping tote apartment was really affordable, plus it had the look of a real cabin- you could barely tell that it was a repurposed shipping tote thanks to all of the custom welding. When I was in the military, both of us lived out of repurposed shipping tote homes. I was used to cargo containers as substitutes for housing plus figured it would be wonderful for the men to experience that as well. However, when I started looking for shipping tote homes for sale, what I found were gorgeous possibilities with a ton of custom welding to make them look but you want! Uncle Sam didn’t provide us any kind of shipping tote beach house like that at training camps! I opted for the shipping tote apartment to match the motif of the “outdoorsy” lessons both of us tend to teach. I hope the men appreciate the shipping tote apartment plus learn a few things about nature, beach house improvement/upkeep plus prefab beach house solutions. That’s the best you can hope for. Camp starts in a few weeks, hopefully they’ll learn something plus gain some patches.

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