Trying CBD so I can sleep

Sleeping is not an easy thing for me.

I have tried everything I can to make a calm, peaceful environment that encourages sleeping.

I drink green tea, eat healthy plus meditate before bed. I have bought the best kind of sheets, mattress and pillows I can find. I even invested in a sound device to showcase the sounds of the ocean plus that did not help at all. I thought about trying sleeping pills or other meds with melatonin in it. Thankfully while googling that I found a more natural way to sleep at night. Most people propose trying cannabis for sleeping issues. I am not the genre of person that wants to light a bong and smoke it before bed. I did not want to get high plus have that aroma in my house. Thankfully, CBD is all that is needed to calm a person’s mind down so that they can rest easy; Since marijuana is legal in our state, I was able to find a legal marijuana store near my house. The cannabis dispensary had a bunch of CBD items that I could try out. You can start easy with CBD oil plus put it in your tea, coffee or hot chocolate to drink before bed. There are CBD infused gummies, oils or cooking sprays. I even found lotions, bath bombs and some shampoos that contain CBD in them. I have started small plus just have tried the oil. I put a few squirts in my nightly drink before bed plus so far I have been sleeping pretty nice.

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