Trying out heating sources for the basement

Friends of mine were recently looking for a more efficient way to heat their basement.  It is only one room beneath the kitchen, and they use it as a game room. It has its own entrance, and there is a window.  Sheila wanted to put in a summer kitchen, but there isn’t any way to put in the water pipes, since most of the space is below ground and it would take a lot of extra work.  Instead, they put their playroom down there. There is a complete bar and a pool table, but being mostly below ground level, it is very chilly down there. It feels great in the summer, but forget about staying down there for any length of time in the winter.  They found a small portable gas heater they thought would work perfectly. Unfortunately, the energy bill from the heater, was outrageous. They then found a small furnace that was meant to be used in a camper trailer. The furnace fit in the cabinet that was below the stairwell.  It was strong enough to heat the entire room, and it was very compact. They noticed that even when they had the furnace running all of the time, the energy bill was still manageable. I don’t know if this is going to be their permanent form of heating for the basement room, but for now it is working well.  They are thinking about putting in electric baseboard heating. With electric baseboard heating, the floors will be warmer and their kids won’t constantly be complaining about having cold feet the entire time.

baseboard heater