Trying to find a replacement AC system

Since I live down south I unfortunately need an air conditioner. My central AC system is just about dead. I can hear it when the system operates. The AC makes a whole production of moaning and groaning before it finally turns out. The outdoor unit makes a high pitched whistle. It is 17 years old so I am expecting it to quit anytime now. The question is what kind of cooling system do I get when it no longer operates? I don’t really like using ductwork and providing cooling for every room in the house. It is just me here. I only use my bedroom, living room and kitchen. Occasionally I am in the bathroom or laundry room. There is an office, guestroom and a whole other bathroom I don’t even walk into though. I could save money by not cooling those rooms. I looked into my options and there are ductless mini splits and heat pumps. I am not too thrilled with these though. The wall mounted indoor air handlers are giant and ugly. I don’t want to drill into the side of my house either. Zone control would be great but I don’t think it is worth making my rooms hideous. I did find there is high velocity AC that uses smaller, flexible ductwork. You have less cleaning and sealing appointments with this kind. It also provides quicker and most efficient cooling. The installation seems to be easy on the HVAC business as well. I think it looks like a normal HVAC unit too. This might be the solution for me.


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