Trying to find an HVAC technician to take over my company

I love owning my own HVAC company, but it has come with its challenges.

I never realized how much responsibility came with running your own business.

I made a lot of mistakes while dealing with the HVAC technicians and while running my own company, but I am happy to say that my HVAC company has grown a lot since I started it. Now, I am old enough to retire, but there is one thing that I must do before I stop operating this HVAC company. I need to find someone to take over the HVAC company while I retire. Naturally, most people would assume that I would give my HVAC company to one of the HVAC technicians that I have working for me, but I cannot do that. I know my HVAC technicians, and none of them would be able to keep the business running long enough to make a difference. I would sell the HVAC company to them or to someone else, but I am looking for the right person to take over the company. I probably have a few years left in me, and I am trying to find a young man who is an HVAC technician who is willing to do this for me. The only quality I am looking for is teachability. If a young HVAC technician has a willingness to listen as I teach, then I would be willing to give them my company for no cost to them.

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