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my sister was recently bitching plus complaining to myself and others about her bad job, i couldn’t stand listening to it anymore so I recommended that she try to look for a new position plus get it over with, then she could just leave her terrible bosses plus workmates behind, plus beginning all over again, and maybe she could even find a trade that she appreciated instead of kneeling miserably in an office everyday.

  • She took our advice to heart plus started looking online for a new associate’s degree or professional certification that she could gain to change her career… However, she was having a hard time finding something that caught her eye, however after that, she was just complaining about the lack of schooling options! When I took a look, I was surprised that she wasn’t interested in the several Professional Heating plus Cooling certifications that were available in our area.

We live in a legitimately sizzling plus humid section of the country, so it would make a lot of sense to be a professional A/C plus dehumidifier system servicemen. I thought it would be a good position for making money plus helping folks with their indoor comfort. She would constantly have work plus there would be plenty to learn with all of the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C upgrades that keep coming out. I tried to tell her that a skilled trade was more interesting than kneeling in an office plus she should learn how to operate these necessary pieces of equipment. It would be an straight-forward way to make money no matter where she lived, then besides, I can tell you, she genuinely enjoys to use the central AC in our house.


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