Trying to find the right office space for rent

Russ and I have been dating for 8 months.

My lease is up at the end of fall, as well as I know all of us should move into a bigger place.

My boyfriend Russ is not keen on the idea, because he has such a nice studio space right now. The place is large as well as not that much in rent, however it really is not close to my job. I want to be downtown, instead of in the woods with nothing to do as well. My boyfriend Russ as well as I have been looking at some downtown lofts for rent, however they are incredibly high in price. Most of them are more than we want square footage wise, as well as they want a fortune for the weekly fees. My boyfriend Russ as well as I found a single passable apartment area for rent, however it didn’t have any Heating and AC. Even though it’s not 100 degrees while all of us were in the summer, I still don’t want to live without any AC. My lease has 3 more weeks, so all of us still have some time to find a nice place or office building for rent. I know all of us will eventually find a studio for rent that is spacious, affordable, as well as air-conditioned, as long as all of us keep looking. All of us are going to chat with a realtor on Friday, as well as there is a certain apartment area for rent that could work out ideal for us. It’s on the east side of town, which would make our day commute kind of big though.

Office space for rent Northland