Trying to keep up with evolving HVAC technology

Keeping updated on advancing HVAC technology is something I do as part of my job. I work as a certified HVAC technician for a local Heating and A/C company. Trying to keep up with Heating and cooling innovations can be rather difficult at times. I do my best, but the speed at which the HVAC industry is evolving makes it nearly impossible! At my company, we try to keep all of the contractors informed and trained in new products and procedures. Just this past year alone, there were new advancements in radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating has been around for quite awhile. However, the technology is becoming more streamlined and adaptable to retrofit into existing homes. We are able to install the radiant floors a little quicker and easier. There’s a bit less disruption to the home. Also, we specialize in snowmelt systems, which are similar to radiant flooring but installed outside. The network of pipes is concealed beneath the pavement of parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, porches and garage floors. While snowmelt system were once strictly for commercial application, they are now more affordable and viable for residential use. The radiant heated floors and snowmelt systems are powered by a boiler. Boiler technology has also come a long way. The systems have become much smaller and yet are still wonderfully versatile and reliable. They can handle water heating for residential usage, heat a hot tub, and provide towel warmers. Plus, condensing boilers are especially energy efficient. We’re also trying to keep up with the latest options in dual fuel systems, heat pumps, ductless split systems, high velocity HVAC, VRF systems and air quality accessories. The industry just keeps expanding to answer demand and minimize our carbon footprint.



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