Trying to open an HVAC company that only hires females

I must give a ton of credit to my neighbor Sandra, for everything she has managed to do in her life… Some people have more advantages in life than others, and Sandra didn’t have any at all.

She was an orphan growing up, living with a creepy foster family. She sincerely had no cash to speak of, and in general she was a single one of those “invisible people” that civilization often overlooks… Everything she has in life, she earned with smarts and taxing work, and maybe a bit of moxie on top of that. She recently became the first female Heating and Air Conditioning equipment tech for the greatest general business in the city, however this isn’t enough for Sandra. She pretty much just sees it as another step towards her ultimate goal of owning her own Heating and Air Conditioning equipment corporation. Not just any Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, mind you, she wants her business to have exclusively female specialists doing all the visits at different properties. Right now she understands that her job as a Heating and Air Conditioning equipment tech is only partially to do the work, it’s also a way to virtue-signal that the business is truly progressive… They have her posing for different types of ads, and promoting the business in interviews because they claim to be the most female-friendly Heating and Air Conditioning equipment business in town. Sandra definitely has a plan for her own business which is certainly female-friendly, with female Heating and Air Conditioning techs doing all the repair calls. I questioned her if all the Heating and Air Conditioning purchasers would need to be female, as well. That made her laugh. It wasn’t about being prejudiced against men, so the business would be inclusive to all Heating and Air Conditioning equipment purchasers, it was just about putting a female presence into an industry that is most often 99% male.

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