Trying to rip out the central a/c

I found this really nice home that I couldn’t wait to purchase.  The only think I could find wrong with the house, was the ancient heating and air conditioning system.  First off, I didn’t want air conditioning in my home, and if I did, I wouldn’t have wanted to have a central HVAC system that had the cheapest ductwork available.  It was flimsy and I was afraid that when it was cleaned, it would just fall apart. The HVAC company came in to look at the ductwork and said it wasn’t a good quality and it would need cleaned at least once a year.  They agreed with me that it needed to be torn out and replaced. I lived in an area where the heating was needed for up to nine months a year. I didn’t think we needed to have air conditioning. The temperatures seldom went over eighty degrees.  The HVAC contractor told me that if I wasn’t considering an air conditioning system, I may want to go with a ductless heating system. He told us about the boiler heating system, which heated the house with hot water and it would be an excellent alternative if we ever chose to have radiant heated flooring.  He also talked about the heat pump. This seemed like it was also viable, but we would also need to have a back up plan for when the temperatures were below freezing, which was seventy percent of the time. We chose the boiler heating system and have been happy with our decision. The heating is not only perfect, but it runs very efficiently, there is no ductwork, and it doesnt require regular maintenance.

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