Trying to stay open for business during shutdown, can’t afford HVAC for workers

I’m more and more concerned for the state of the world as these difficult days and weeks pass. I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a month of social isolation, and there are still businesses and neighborhoods that are bustling with activity. It seems absolutely crazy to me that people still aren’t heeding the warnings of health experts, scientists, and government officials and parking their butts on the couch. I understand that there are many businesses who are trying to keep their doors open for the sake of keeping their employees paid. In fact, I was speaking to my neighbor yesterday about a string of businesses in the historic district that have not closed their doors. Their main motivation is to continue supplying a paycheck to their employees, despite this difficult economic time. Unfortunately, the shops have been hit so hard that they aren’t able to offer adequate heating, cooling, and ventilation to their employees. Inside these dedicated workers are reporting to the shops everyday where they endure ungodly heat and humidity. The outdoor climate is extremely uncomfortable at this time. The daily sunshine quickly increases our air temperature every morning until it’s 90-something degrees. The incessant humidity is in helping with our relative heat index. To hear that desperate employees are still reporting to open shops where they have no ventilation, air conditioning, or humidity control absolutely breaks my heart. After my neighbor and I talked about the dire air temperature control conundrum occurring in our local business district, we decided to help. We donated money to cover the costs of their energy bills, and enabled the shops to turn on their air conditioners for the first time in weeks. It’s still a dangerous time to be working, but at least their employees won’t be dropping from heat stroke.



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