Trying to trim expenses by installing some cheap heating/cooling system ends up costing more –

When my husband and I finally got around to building a home from the ground up, we knew it would be a time-consuming, stressful and expensive project.  My husband was extremely concerned about our budget. He attempted to trim costs at every opportunity. Unfortunately, he was willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money.  This eventually caught up with us, and cost way more in the long run. Instead of hiring a specialists for the different phases of the project, my husband insisted we rely on the same general contractor for everything.  Unfortunately, the general contractor had very little insight or expertise in plumbing or heating and cooling. When given options for different styles and brands of water heaters, my husband chose the cheapest one. The general contractor went ahead and installed a water heater far too small for the needs of the house.  We are constantly running out of hot water, and because the equipment is constantly running, it eats up a great deal of energy. The contractor also presented several choices for types of heating and cooling equipment. Once again, my husband insisted we settle for the least expensive model. We ended up with an air conditioner and furnace that can’t handle the weather or square footage of the home.  The heating and cooling system run non stop, and yet the house is chilly in the winter and overheated in the summer. The wear and tear on the furnace has led to quite a few malfunctions, and the HVAC contractor warned us that the heating system will probably wear out within a few years. Despite costing a fortune in electric bills, the air conditioner can’t combat the humidity, and we’re now having problems with condensate, mold and mildew.  

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