Tuning up the device

I recently was forced to go out of neighborhood for work… I needed to host a conference for some of our members, plus it was a long ways away, then on the day I was to head home, I decided to go to my sibling’s condo instead of driving numerous minutes home… Anyway, I was going to be gone a total of multiple days, so I was forced to hire a pet sitter! She seemed entirely nice, plus I suppose she was, however there is a single thing she did that I did not entirely care for. She opened the curtains, which was fine. She turned the lights on plus off, which was also fine, but however, I did not care about the fact that she was changing  the thermostat setting on my cooling system. I of course kept the cooling system running for both my pet’s comfort plus the comfort of the pet sitter. I set the thermostat on 74 degrees, which is where I usually set the thermostat when I am not in residence, then when I get beach condo at night, I generally turn the thermostat down a little because I am warm natured. Apparently, my pet sitter is not warm natured because she turned the thermostat up! When I arrived beach condo from my trip, it was so warm in the house. Plus, not having the cooling system running makes the condo have a funny smell. I guess, overall, setting the thermostat higher saved myself and others a few bucks in the long run, although I would have preferred that the pet sitter leave the cooling system alone plus just play with the pet care about she was paid to do.

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