Turning on the a/c

When I was a kid, my siblings and I always fought over who could have the biggest bedroom. We moved into a new home when I was in middle school. Since I am the youngest child, I pulled seniority and took the biggest bedroom. I was so excited about it. The bedroom was located in the attic and had plenty of space for my TV and video games, desk, and bean bag chairs. I was so excited to have my friends over and show them my room. What I didn’t realize at that age was that heat rises and we did not have air conditioning. The first weekend in the house, I begged to have some friends sleepover in my new room. Despite the stress of moving, my mom and dad approved of the sleepover. With 4 of us in the room, the room only got hotter as the night went on. I ran downstairs and asked my parents to turn on the air conditioning, but they informed me that we did not have any air conditioning set up yet. I was sweating and I could tell that my guests were uncomfortable. I was so embarrassed to invite them over when the house was so hot and humid. We ended up moving downstairs to the basement because it was cooler. We still had a lot of fun at our sleepover, but I found myself wishing I had opted for a downstairs bedroom. Once we were settled in, my parents had a new cooling unit installed. As soon as the air conditioning was functional, I invited my friends back and redeemed myself. They loved my room, especially now that it wasn’t ninety degrees. I will never take the air conditioner for granted again.

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