Turning on the heating unit

A few days ago, I learned a very valuable lesson in home owning. More expensive is not always better! I was over at my mother and father’s house enjoying a nice dinner, and then we started talking about HVAC units because my parents had just had a brand new HVAC heating and cooling unit installed in their house. I told them that I was going to buy a brand new HVAC unit for my apartment tomorrow, and they suggested that I could just buy their old one for twenty bucks. In hindsight, this would have been an amazing deal. Their “old” have unit was only two years old, and never had any serious problems. Due to being my stubborn self, I declined their very generous offer and decided to head out to the HVAC company in town and purchased one of the more high end HVAC units. The salesmen at the store went on and on telling me about how amazing this unit is, and how high of an overall rating it has been given. However only a few days later, I am already having some serious problems with this new unit! I will come home from work to find the house too cold to even stay inside, even though I had not adjusted the cooling settings at all. This unit also doesn’t even come with an air purification unit, which was not mentioned to me when I was talking to the salesmen. I could have saved all of that money and put it towards a nice vacation or something, but I am was just too stubborn. If your parents offer you a perfectly working HVAC unit for a low price, don’t be stubborn, take the offer!

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