Turning on the system

My spouse grew up in a pretty large family. They were all boys, and they were all sizable! Every a single of them, including my spouse, is over 6 feet tall. They all played football in high school and they were constantly really hot. And I don’t mean looks – even though they are all pretty wonderful looking. What I mean is temperature-wise. They were constantly and they were constantly complaining that the air conditioner needed to be turned on. My disappointing in-laws were in danger of going broke because of all of the air conditioner bills! My spouse said that he and his brothers would constantly sneak to the thermostat control and turn the a/c down when his parents weren’t looking or when they’d already gone to bed. Then they’d go into their respective rooms and appreciate the cool air conditioner coming from the a/c vents. By the afternoon, they said that the condo would be freezing freezing and that the thermostat would study super low numbers appreciate 63 degrees. And then would his parents get mad! Their dad ended up threatening them and yelling at them but nothing worked. Those brothers just couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of the thermostat and the promise of a nice cool air conditioner plan blowing a/c through the vents in their family rooms. Eventually their dad got completely fed up with the whole situation. He purchased a single of those little clear plastic boxes with a lock on it that you see occasionally in restaurants and libraries and he installed it over their digital programmable thermostat. And then he put the key where no a single could find it!

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