Turning trash into treasure

Spring cleaning is here and I am so happy that it is finally that time of year! Most people think of it as a time to get rid of all sorts of old items that they don’t have use for anymore. I see it as a time to pick up some of that old stuff that it thrown out on the curb and fix it up to sell! A few days ago I hit the spring cleaning jackpot and found and old air conditioning unit that was thrown out. It was down at one of my parents neighbors house and it was an elderly couple who always seemed rather nice. After further inspection of this a/c unit laying on their curb, I realized that it was no ordinary a/c unit, but a very rare one! This model was from the early 1970’s, and were very hard to come by. I quickly took it back home to get to work fixing up this precious gem of an a/c unit. After a few hours of fixing up the wiring problem it was having, the rundown unit was now back and running. I took a few courses on HVAC repair in college, and now I had a chance to put them to good work. After a few weeks of waiting after I listed it for sale online, I began to see countless offers roll in for the unit. Apparently there are hundreds of people who are very passionate about antique air conditioning units! You know what they say, one mans old a/c unit is another man’s treasure!

HVAC maintenance