Twins who don’t have the same AC preference:

Ever since I was a very young teenager, I knew that I wanted to have a child to raise. I grew up in a pretty big family, and I truly felt there is nothing more fun and filled with love in the world than raising 1 of your own! Now that I am a modern father of unexpected twins as of Last year though, I am starting to guess that I was a bit naive. Nearly everything that I do during the day is centered around the kids. I can’t even get away and go the restroom without having to have 1 of my kids with me! The worst part of it all is during nap time, one of my little 1’s can only sleep when the air conditioning system is on full power, no matter what… My other child can only sleep when it is nice and toasty, and the heated gas furnace is switched on. It doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the summer, she needs to be warm to sleep. This can be absolutely tricky to accomplish when you live in a very small house. I have had to put in a brand new and modern air conditioning system in 1 of the rooms, and a similar heated gas furnace in the other. It is nothing short of a juggling act, but most of the time I am able to get them in their respective rooms and get them to fall asleep. I entirely hope that they grow out of this stage soon, because it will make my life and utility bills much easier to manage.

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