Two Minute Way to Assist Your heater in the Winter

Homeowners generally want to do whatever is recommended to make their Winters more comfortable.

Fortunately, HVAc workers know a few tricks that work for this season, including changing the direction that your heating system fans face.

Ceiling fans are wonderful in Summer because they provide a cooling sensation on the skin plus go a long way in supplementing the functions of the air conditioner. However, they can seem stupid to use in Winter when all 1 wants is warmth. Rather than remove them only to return them in Summer, homeowners should know that using ceiling fans in winter is not stupid. One of these is decreasing the direction of the fans. Making your ceiling fans whirl the right way can help you take control of the heating costs in Winter. Heating bills tend to be less than desirable, to say the least, in Winter as homeowners want efficient heating but also want coziness. Any energy-efficient method of keeping their bungalow or condo or townhouse comfortable is often seen as a thing of beauty. Consider the ceiling fan direction to a position where it can now help spread warm air throughout all the little nooks and crannies of the loft instead of creating a cool breeze. The rule is that the ceiling fan should always move in a counterclockwise direction in Summer and should be switched to a clockwise direction in Winter. This way, homeowners get maximum comfort out of this equipment. But how does 1 change the fan’s direction without having the service call of a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairman? You first need to start with switching the ceiling fan off. After the blades stop whirling away, locate the toggle switch on the fan’s motor housing and just flip it to the other side. Done!


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