Unhappy with furnace repair

I recently tried to schedule a repair for my furnace; It was making a different noise, running for longer cycles as well as not putting out as much heated air.

I needed to turn up the temperature control several times as well as still there were rooms in the house that felt cold, and when I called a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation, I ended up getting seriously infuriated.

My call was answered by an automated service that required myself and others to listen to prompts as well as then push many buttons to get through the menus. It took myself and others a long time to schedule an appointment, during the whole process, I never spoke with an actual person, there was no way to ask questions or explain my complications with my furnace. I was given limited choices for the afternoon as well as time of the appointment as well as then a six-hour window of arrival. I had no choice however to take the afternoon off from work as well as wait for the worker to show up. I didn’t dare run any errands or do anything that might lead to myself and others missing his arrival. I knew that the worker would eventually call to let myself and others think he was finally on his way, however I had no plan if he’d contact myself and others at various in the morning or 6 o’clock in the night. I was so upset that I’d miss the call as well as my appointment would get cancelled. I genuinely didn’t want to beginning the process all over again. When the worker finally arrived at my door, he didn’t offer to take off his shoes! He tracked dirt across my carpet. When the job was complete, he left behind a mess. There were discarded parts from the furnace as well as packaging from the current parts to disinfect up. Because of this total lack of consideration, I didn’t trust the work he performed. He still charged myself and others a small luck for the repair! Although I have a warranty on my furnace as well as the parts were covered, I am responsible for the cost of the labor. I also sacrificed an entire afternoon to the service call. When I called to complain about the awful service, I wasn’t able to speak with a live man. I am genuinely disappointed that the service industry has become so impersonal.

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