Unreviewed hotel leaved me a little worried

I was a bit apprehensive when I discovered that all of the name-brand hotels were sold out and my husband and I would have to settle for a small, no name place when we took our beach vacation. It didn’t help that there were no review of the hotel either. Still, the price was good and they were right on the water so we decided to take the gamble. When we finally arrived at the local I was not impressed, it looked like someone’s house. Still, it was well decorated with live plants on the outside. Inside was even nicer. The entire house had been gutted and replaced with 6 rooms and a small lobby. We were quickly ushered to our room and found it to be more spacious than I had thought possible. There was a bed, a little electric space heater that looked like a fireplace, a tiny bathroom, and a really quiet air conditioner. It was warm so we wouldn’t need the space heater but I did discover that I could turn the fake flames on without the heat and that was a nice touch. The air conditioner was so quiet that I didn’t even know it was on for two whole days. I just thought the house must have central air conditioning and the little unit in our room must be incase we weren’t cool enough. I was shocked when I discovered the little unit was actually cooling our entire room. When I asked the front desk about it, she said it is called a ductless mini split air conditioner and all of the rooms have one. I made sure to leave the little hotel its first good reviews.