Unsure what to do about the ductwork

When I bought my home, I had no idea what to do.  I had lived with my parents until I went to school, and then I lived in a dorm.  Owning a home was a big responsibility and a learning experience. For instance, we heated our home with a fireplace, when I lived with mom and dad.  We didn’t have heat ducts with the heating. We would open all of the doors in the house, and the fireplace would keep everything nice and cozy. Now I am dealing with a HVAC system.  There are not just air ducts to deal with, but I also have ductwork. For the first month that I lived there, I was okay, but then winter hit. My energy bills were through the roof. I had the doors open all of the time, and it seemed like my furnace was constantly running to keep the temperature even.  My allergies were so bad that I couldn’t breathe most of the time. I also noticed a lot of dust in the house. I was sneezing and coughing, and I suffered the worst headaches and sore throats. I thought I had the flu. Then, I called the HVAC company. They came in and did an inspection of my ductwork. They told me that it was filled with dust and it needed to be cleaned.  After they performed the cleaning and sanitation of the ductwork and the air ducts, I was feeling better. They told me that dirty air ducts and ductwork could cause all kinds of problems and I should have both cleaned on schedules.

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