Updating to a heat pump

Living in the southern part of country, can oftimes drive my energy bills right through the roof.  I am running my air conditioner twenty-four hours a day. I seldom use my heating system. Since the temperatures rarely even drop to forty degrees during the worst part of winter, I could probably get away without having a heater.  I am due for a new HVAC system. I have put a lot of consideration into ductless mini split air conditioning units. I could have one in every room and then I would simply Zone Control the loft. I don’t think I like the idea of having thermostats in every room for each separate unit.  I would be adjusting the thermostat every time I go in and out of the rooms and that is too much like work. I like the idea of one thermostat for entire house, and then I don’t have to worry if I forgot to make the adjustment. Then, I heard about the heat pump. The heat pump pulls the heat out of the house and pushes it outside.  As long as the temperature don’t go below freezing, the heat pump is also excellent for heating. It works in reverse, by pulling the ambient heat from the outside air and pushing it into the home. From what I hear, the heat pump is truly efficient in both energy and air conditioning. It’s an expensive investment, but it is an investment into my home.  The HVAC company told me that the heat pump will also run so efficiently that m every bills will so much, I may possibly be able to recoup my money in a couple years.

electric heat pump