Upstairs neighbors have temperature control control

When I moved into this apartment, I had no system that it was going to be such a headache.

It seems care about the perfect, quiet, inhigh-priced venue to hide out and save up some money.

I was harshly excited to have some space of my own and I could not wait to personalize the interior with all of my favorite things. I moved in 1 weekend and right away met my upstairs neighbors as I was unloading my things. They seemed unquestionably nice during our first meeting, and I was excited that I might unquestionably have some friends living upstairs! What I didn’t realize at the time was that the pleasedious situation I was moving into that day, my current neighbors were really never going to be my friends, and at some times they might think more care about enemies. You see, many mornings after moving into the apartment, I was feeling a bit warm. I went to turn down the temperature control so I could get a little cooling power into my apartment, when I realized that I didn’t suppose where the temperature control was. I looked around in every nook and cranny before I contacted the property owner and asked how I could adjust the indoor air temperature. That’s when he told me, the central heating and cooling temperature control is located in the upstairs condo of the house. My upstairs neighbors had full and total control of the indoor air temperature and air quality, and I was at their mercy when it came to our Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system. So began a year of continual bickering and resentment. I was never comfortable in that apartment, and I’m sure that I drove my neighbors crazy with my constant complaining about the air temperature. Furthermore, I actually drove up the energy bills by using space gas furnaces and portable cooling systems to moderate my own temperature.

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