Using my skills to promote A/C company

Sometimes the clients are good & let myself and others do what I want

I have a job working for a digital advertising contractor & the vast majority of our contractor comes from HVAC, and seems to prefer the HVAC industry is ready to transport into the technology world, it is a bizarre combination of new school graduates trying to figure out code, data & web building & older HVAC dealers who don’t have a laptop in their possession. Getting the HVAC dealers to understand what they are paying for & why they want it is always difficult. The majority of the time the HVAC companies try to make suggestions on how to make a website run at a higher speed. I don’t tell the HVAC contractor how to service a heat pump or switch out a cooling system, and they are the experts in their field. I am out of luck when it comes to physical tools. They should respect that it is the reverse with SEO. I have figured out how to write code, build a website & post on social media. I suppose exactly what colors are eye catching & where the contractor iphone number needs to be listed. Usually when a customer requests a lot of swings, the websites looks terrible & ends up breaking down on me. Then the customer sees less iphone calls & contractor decreases, who do they blame for this disaster? Well they blame myself and others since it is our task to garner more visitors to their site. Sometimes the clients are good & let myself and others do what I want. Those websites always run twice as fast & keep clients on the web page longer. It is taxing telling a person twice our age that I suppose way more than him about SEO & he should back the heck off.


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