Using Stimulus Money to Repair Air Conditioning

So, both of us find ourselves in uncharted territory lately, right? When some people say that, they mean that both of us have never faced epidemics of disease before, but absolutely that is not true. There have been many times when the world has been faced with deadly viruses plus many deaths. What is uncharted is our response to this current pandemic. For the first time that I am aware of, both of us are quarantining healthy people, not just sick people. Every one of us are shutting down businesses, schools, plus public buildings, and people are losing their small businesses, people can’t go to work, plus the world is topsy turvy. This has all been mandated by the government; both of us have had no choice. If you wanted to labor to support yourselves plus your family, too bad, you can’t. The government is forcing people into poverty. In response thus far, both of us have each received $1200. Whoopee! Now I can pay my mortgage for weeks! Not at all, right? What have I decided to do with the stimulus cash? I have decided to service my a/c. Hardly any of weeks ago, the Heating plus A/C service worker came out to the home because the air coming out of the a/c air vents felt kind of warm to me. He did what he called a “band-aid” fix because a full a/c service would be quite a bit more fancy. He quoted that getting the complete a/c service that I needed would, in fact, cost about $1100.00. Well, since I am still emplotted , at least for the time being, I am much more blessed than others. I didn’t absolutely have a spare grand to put toward the a/c before, but now I can use the stimulus cash to get the a/c guy back out here to service my system.


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