Using window AC to drown out the pet

I live nextdoor to my parents.

  • This is both enjoyable plus bad.

It was enjoyable when my youngsters were condo plus they wanted to visit them. Anytime an emergency rose, my parents were right there. It is terrible because I can’t complain about my nextdoor neighbors, my parents have this giant, dumb plus loud pet. I would have called the pet warden on them every single night if they were not my parents. Their pet barks everyday, all night long. It is a steady, montone bark that keeps me up. My parents don’t hear him, so they don’t believe me. I can hardly sleep with the pet barking. The only thing that seems to work is using my window air conditioning unit. As soon as it gets moderately warm, I turn on the cooling system. The AC makes a noise that drowns out the pet. The fan sound is really quite soothing plus pleasant. All summer time long I get to appreciate sleeping. As soon as it gets cold, I have to turn off the AC plus hear the pet again. My heating unit is located downstairs plus I can’t hear it operate. I guess the heating, but get no noise to drown out the pet. A space oil furnace would provide no noise either. So right now I am out of luck in the frigid season. All Wintertide long I get to hear that stupid pet. I am tempted to run the AC for the noise plus then just cover in more blankets. I am that desperate to sleep at night.
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