UV lights for my AC were a great gift

My grandmother gets me the weirdest gifts for my birthday. Every year I think I will never use the gift, then it ends up being a huge game changer. One year I got a digital clock the sets itself. That clock has lived over ten years and I love it. When the power goes out, the clock has no trouble with it. She also got me a battery tester one year. I use the battery tester at least once a month. It is so handy. You would think I would learn not to doubt her. I did when she got me UV lights for my cooling system though. Ultraviolet lights are not exactly pretty or fun. But I did what she asked and installed them in my cooling system. It took one month for me to realize how amazing UV lights are. First, the air conditioner has ½ the amount of dust that it used to. I hardly ever need to change my air filter anymore. Next, I used to have a mold issue in my AC plan. Not any more with the lights. There is no mold on the cooling coil or algae clogging the condensate drain. I never need take my air conditioner apart and clean it anymore. The UV lights take care of all the cleaning. The lights also have cleaned up my indoor air quality and I have noticed it. I have more energy during the day and I just feel good. I know it is the lights cleaning my AC and air quality that has done this to me. Now that I own UV lights, I will never go without them again.