UV lights kill a lot of germs plus harmful bacteria

UV or ultraviolet light has been used to wash surfaces, are, plus water for multiple years, then the truth is that UV lights also work easily well in house media air cleaners.

UV media air cleaners are made to inactivate harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, plus mold.

UV media air cleaners can be a variety of sizes, but some are big plus some are small. Some are made for house applications plus others are made for big industrial jobs, however my wifey plus I own a small antique shop. The two of us have a lot of extravagant antiques like desks, sofas, tables, plus lamps… Germs can stay on these porous surfaces for multiple afternoons, and it can be taxing to get rid of these germs unless you have an media air cleaner in your store. My wifey plus I bought the UV media air cleaner to place above the front door. It helps kill some of the harmful germs plus bacteria that are lurking outside. The two of us called a commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning repair repair to make the installation. I know we could have done the job on our own, but they did not charge much more than the price for all of the pieces plus parts. Since we are one of the shops in the strip mall, they gave us a company discount. The two of us also scrub down all of the indoor surfaces with a sanitizer spray made of alcohol plus aloe. The two of us want to make sure that customers can still visit the antique shop without worrying about getting sick with the flu or some other genre of virus… Customer safety plus joy is the most crucial section of owning any small business.