van needs a heater installed

My best buddy as well as I started a furniture delivery company. For a long time, I was the only person with a truck. When you have a crucial circle of friends as well as you are the only person with a truck, you get asked to perform a lot of favors. I genuinely did not mind helping people move, but it was nice when our best buddy purchased a truck as well. About more than five weeks after our best buddy purchased his truck, he came to me with a brilliant idea. He thought all of us could start a furniture delivery corporation together. Both of our trucks could tow a sizable trailer. My best buddy was willing to purchase the sizable trailer, if I would join him in the business. I thought about it for a long time, although I do not guess that I ever thought about saying no. The people I was with and I have been in the delivery corporation for almost a year, as well as things have been genuinely good. Business has been booming, as well as all of us have 3 commercial accounts that keep us busy. Last week, all of us had to purchase a box truck to help with deliveries, but unfortunately, the box truck does not have any heat. The gas furnace hasn’t worked since all of us purchased the truck, but all of us still have deliveries to make. My best buddy as well as I have been using the truck separate from a heater, because the outdoor temperatures are in the 40s. All of our employees would complain, if all of us made them use a truck separate from a heater. Until all of us can afford to fix the heater, our best buddy as well as I are stuck in a cold moving truck.